Histology Tech Services is CLIA certified and GLP compliant.

Histology Excellence

Histology Tech Services (HTS) specializes in meeting its clients’ needs in histology and histopathology. With over 30 years of experience, HTS strives to provide timely and personalized service for each client request. From routine H&E stains to intricate immunohistochemistry procedures, HTS maintains its standards of excellence on every slide sent to its clients.

HTS’ services include, but are not limited to, trimming, processing, and sectioning of human or animal tissue, routine and special staining, immunohistochemistry, GLP preparation of blocks and slides, donor tissue preparation, and research staining techniques. Projects customized to an individual client’s needs are an HTS specialty. Please read more on our Services page.

HTS is CLIA certified as well as FDA and EPA GLP compliant. Client confidentiality is an HTS priority.